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Below is a list of the most recent application submitted to the Parish Council for public consultation and comment.  These will be discussed at each Parish Council meeting unless the required time for response does not permit.  If you have any comments either for or against an application please send your comment to either Wiltshire Council or

April 2019

Serial Reg Date


REF Number Address Application Objections PC Response Date


19/02415/FUL The Old Brewery Preston West Farm Preston Chippenham Wiltshire SN15 4DX Change of use from micro-brewery (B2 use class) to B1 use class 11/04/2019
2 18/03/2019 19/02029/106 The Vicarage The Green Lyneham Wiltshire SN15 4PD Modification of planning obligation for planning permission N/06/01113/FUL 15/04/2019



19/02480/FUL 40 Preston Lane Lyneham SN15 4AR Proposed new dwelling previously given permission N/09/01361/FUL Yes – It is alleged that the boundaries have recently been changed and the plans are inaccurate 15/04/2019



20/03/2019 19/02629/FUL Bradenstoke Solar Park Limited MOD Lyneham Calne Road Lyneham Chippenham


Wiltshire SN15 4PW

Siting of welfare unit, site office and spares container within site compound






March 2019

Serial Reg Date


REF Number Address Application Objections PC Response Date
1 17 Jan 2019 19/00675/DOC Lyneham Primary School Preston Lane Lyneham Chippenham Wiltshire SN15 4QJ Discharge Condition 9 (updated travel plan) of planning permission 17/12376/DP3 (Refurbishment of School and Erection of New Hall, Classroom and Reception Block) 14 Mar 2019
2 1 Feb 2019 19/01124/FUL 95 Chippenham Road Lyneham SN15 4NY Demolition of garage and erection of two 3 bedroom semi-detached dwellings and associated works 29 Mar 2019

26 Feb 2019


19/02041/TCA Mill House Bradenstoke Chippenham Wiltshire SN15 4EW Felling of Spruce Trees as Per Forestry Commission Application 18/44505/2018 22 Mar 2019





Jan/Feb 2019

Serial Reg Date


REF Number Address Application Objections PC Response Date




Mod Lyneham Calne Road Lyneham SN15 4XX Visual and acoustic barrier including the formation of a berm and associated works. 05/02/2019
2 08/01/2019 18/10873/FUL Mod Lyneham Calne Road Lyneham SN15 4XX Erection of single story storage building. 05/02/2019
3 08/01/2019



19/00172/TPO Calne Road Lyneham Wiltshire SN15 4PR 30% Crown Reduction and Removal of Lower Limbs Overhanging Car Park to 3

Maple Trees, Fell 1 Lime Tree

18/01/2019 18/12144/FUL Lyneham House, 110 Chippenham Road, SN154PA Erection of triple garage with games room over This has been approved by the PC before with no public objection 15/02/2019
24/01/2019 19/00670/FUL The Bungalow The Banks Lyneham SN15 4NT Demolition of existing dwelling, garage, workshop and erection of detached two storey

dwelling, garage with associated works.

Nil 21/02/2019


November 2018

Date Registered Reference Site Address Application Responses by..
6 Nov 2018  18/10450/FUL  Land at Thickthorn Farm Preston Wilts SN15 4DY  Proposed construction of horse riding arena  Monday 17 December, 2018