Tai Chi and Chi Kung

My name is John Riddle and I am a Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor, giving access to high quality Tai Chi. I am an Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB). I was trained under Master John Hine, one of the most prominent Tai Chi Masters in the UK.

I teach classes which run on Thursdays at 10.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. at Lyneham Village Hall.
I also run classes at Calne on Monday 12.00 and Thursdays at 1.00 p.m. at St Mary’s Sports Centre
and Compton Bassett village hall on Tuesdays at 10.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.,
and at Kingsley road community hall on Wednesdays at 1.00 and 7.30 p.m.
Students can come to any of the classes for their one hour session, giving great flexibility to cover those times when you cannot get to your own class.

Tai Chi is aimed at everyone from the young to the very mature. The Yang Style Tai Chi form is a series of gentle, smooth movements which are designed to bring physical and mental well being and a sense of calm and an awareness of the present. It is excellent for those who wish to to become fit and balanced and also for those who suffer with stress, high blood pressure, joint pain, postural issues, sleepless nights and more. Tai Chi is designed to bring into balance mind, body and spirit.

There are many health benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung:

How can Tai Chi help me?
When learned correctly and performed regularly, tai chi can be a positive part of an overall approach to improving your health. The benefits of tai chi include:

Decreased stress and anxiety
Improved fitness
Brings the mind into the present
Increased aerobic capacity
Increased energy and stamina
Increased flexibility, balance and agility
Increased muscle strength and definition
Enhance quality of sleep
Enhance the immune system
Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Improve joint pain
Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
Improve overall well-being in older adults
Reduce risk of falls in older adults

The classes start with a warm up, followed by some Chi Kung exercises, followed by tuition and practice of the Tai Chi Form (Yang Style Tai Chi Movement System).

What does it cost?

£40 for 5 classes
£10.00 on a pay as you go basis
£35.00 for a one hour private lesson one to one

All classes come with instruction booklets for warm ups and Chi Kung exercises, free newsletters and information sheets.

For classes, the best clothing to wear are loose and comfortable, track suit bottoms, t-shirts or sweat shirt, comfortable supportive shoes like trainers and daps (plimsoles). Bring a towel and some cool water so you can keep hydrated. No special equipment is needed for Tai Chi, just yourselves.

Free taster sessions for beginners are available – check out the what’s on page for dates.

Contact me for further information:
Email: Ridsend_taichi@hotmail.com
Tel: 07598 620166

or simply pop alone to your local Riddlersend Tai Chi venue for a warm and friendly welcome and the beginning of a new phase in your life.